4 Simple Tips for Sprucing up Your Bathroom Décor

The bathroom is the place where we begin each day. This room’s décor should be pleasing to the eye to ensure maximum relaxation. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to create a great look without spending a ton of money. Check out the tips below for simple ideas that will take your bathroom from blah to voilà!

1. Disorganized toiletries create a chaotic tone in a bathroom. Use a multi-level hanging fruit basket in the shower to make things tidy. You can even spray paint it to match the rest of your hardware.


2. Incorporating a signature color is a great way to add a lot of ambiance with little effort. Make your towels, accent accessories and walls the same color to create an evenly distributed pop throughout the space.  You can choose any combination you like. Just make sure it looks systematic and chic.


3. When replacing outlandishly colored, outdated tile is outside of your budget, turn your attention to the walls. Choose a color that compliments the tile so that the combination will seem deliberate. Consulting a color wheel or an artsy friend should have you on the right track!


4. Create a rustic feel by hanging simple DIY crate shelves. Paint them any color you choose (perhaps your signature color) and hang them anywhere you see fit. It’s that simple! Use this tutorial and have your project complete in no time.


Do you have any bathroom décor tips that you’d like to share? Tell us about them in the comments below!

Allie DeCastro

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