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I Heart My Hometown

 Scholarship Award - Closed 


RE/MAX of New Jersey proudly announces the winner of its “2014 I Heart My Hometown Scholarship!”

Jacqueline Delaney of Lafayette, New Jersey will receive a $1,000 scholarship to help cover costs for the 2014-2015 academic school year. Read her winning essay below:

Lafayette Township rests quietly on golden fields and soft dirt trails. She breathes pearly skies in the winter, sun-beamed (and sometimes scorching) summers, and leaf-littered autumns.  She knocks on our front doors as thunder in August, and in the cold months, we wonder if our cars will start in the below-zero air. She snakes through farms and neighborhoods to intersections of antique stores and gas stations. She is a balance of small town country stores and commercial franchises, a jumble of families and grandfathers and hard-working farmers. She is a home to many souls, but mostly, Lafayette is a home to my soul.

I have lived in Lafayette my entire life. I have climbed her trees, run barefoot across her earth, and grown into the girl who aches to leave her small town roots and explore the city skylines. I have learned how to ride a bike on her roads, and I have learned how to drive a pickup truck on her roads. She is the backdrop of my show, the stage to my production. I dance and sing across her because she taught me how to dream, how to grow, and how to remember.

In the elementary days of my life, I spent most of my time discovering my version of Lafayette with my neighbor Rachel. To us, Lafayette was our adjacent backyards, home to countless treasure hunts and butterfly-catching expeditions. We skipped through our summers by discovering Lafayette and the limitless adventures she had for us. In this way, Lafayette taught me how to dream. She taught me how to catch butterflies and find treasure, but mostly she taught me how to imagine.

When I was fourteen and dangling my legs from treetops, I learned about poetry. High school had begun and I didn’t know who I was; I’m not sure if anyone does at that age. That year, I was introduced to poetry in my classes. I fell in love with writing. I wrote poems about nature, about Lafayette and my backyard, about growing up and climbing trees. I grew because of these poems. I grew because of Lafayette and her influence on my writing and on my life. She taught me how to grow, when I was fourteen.

Now, I am seventeen years old and I’m not the fourteen-year-old girl who climbed trees, or the second grader who caught butterflies. I’m seventeen and I’m months away from leaving Lafayette and her fields. I’m seventeen and I still don’t know who I am, really. I just know where I’m going. I’m seventeen and soon I’m moving to a new place, a new city, a new home. I used to think that I was meant for the city, for the bustling sidewalks and skyscrapers, but now I know I was meant to grow up in the country, in a Lafayette backyard. I was meant to learn how to dream here and how to grow here, among the trees. Lafayette has taught me many things; she has taught me hope and happiness, anger and passion; she has taught me about butterflies and tree climbing and driving in pickup trucks on summer nights; she has taught me about poetry and love and family, but mostly, she has taught me how to remember these things. She has taught me how to embrace these moments that life hands you. She has taught me how to wear my hometown on my sleeve because it is what has made me who I am today; it is what has helped me to dream and grow and believe in myself. My favorite part of Lafayette isn’t her pearly skies or golden fields; it is her lessons of nature and life. It is her heart that helped me grow into mine, her soul that lives on in each and every one of us that moves on to dream and to grow, but also to remember where we come from. It is Lafayette that showed me where to go, because she knows I will come home one day.

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Scholarship Overview:

As of April 30th, 2014, applications for the 2014 I Heart My Hometown Scholarship Award are no longer being accepted. Thank you to all those who have entered. 

RE/MAX of New Jersey is excited to launch a new scholarship opportunity for high school and university students who are in pursuit of a college degree. The cost of higher education continues to rise each year and RE/MAX of New Jersey wants to help combat this rising cost by awarding one worthy candidate $1,000 to help cover costs during the 2014/2015 academic year.

A $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to one student in the Spring of 2014, and we encourage you to read more about the opportunity below. 

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Closed - please check back often to see future scholarship opportunities.

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Your entries will be judged by our management staff on the following criteria:

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  • We reserve the right to verify the date of high school graduation or college enrollment.
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